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I love mind benders.

 I really enjoy watching movies that twist your preconceived notions and completely turn your brain upside down.  I suppose it’s because you can easily make a film that’s nothing but explosions and gun fights between a designated hero and tons of men and women who are otherwise shown to be evil.  But it takes a little more effort to craft something that requires you to follow along very carefully, something that was made to stimulate the brain more than a few gun fights down a flight of stairs.

Which makes Inception an interesting case, since you have a mind thriller with gun fights sprinkled in.

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Twilight Saga: Eclipse

In this day and age, humanity has…

Oh, screw it.  There’s no way I can write something introspective here, not after the insanity I’ve watched.

And yes, as the title suggests, this is about Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

You had to know this movie was coming.  After all, people went nuts over the wonder of human and vampire love in Twilight.  They’ve prostrated themselves in the battle between Bella’s affections in New Moon.  So what is it that the fans have used as reassurance that their lives aren’t a complete waste?

See what lies beneath.

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Lucky You

I am not what you would call a “gambling man”.
If you were to tell that to my friends, though, they’d call that a load of bollocks as I frequent get togethers with them whenever the opportunity comes up.   

I don’t know, I guess part of the reason is because we play for low stakes ($5 buy-in).  Also, it’s a nice, intimate setting where you’re with your friends, having drinks, cracking wise, and otherwise having a good time.  One reason my gambling exploits haven’t extended to a casino is primarily because it is a very crowded, very depressing place.  Sure, you’ve got fancy lights, full buffet, eccentric personalities who have their own idea of what brings them luck or when they feel especially lucky, but you remember the primary focus of a casino?  It’s where people go to lose money.  I’m sorry, but there’s no beating around the bush.  You’re giving them your money.  Granted, it’s the same thing with my friends, but I see two differences: (1.) You’re playing with your friends (not complete strangers), and you’re not the only one who’s paying to get into the game; and (2.) It’s five bucks. You’re not shelling out a third of a paycheck just to see if you can magically double it.  But for most people, it doesn’t really matter.  The thrill of potentially making more money than what you had when you walked through those double doors is a very addictive sensation.

And for the most part, movies are very sneaky about their depictions of casinos and those that frequent them.  Sometimes, they use a casino as a place where people go to have a good time, or where they need to meet someone in order to advance the plot.  Other times, they use a gambling addiction as a character flaw and how it affects that person and his/her friends.  Or maybe they’ll show that’s it just a far superior bank that’s just waiting to be cracked.

And then you have the movies that are about the games themselves.

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A Series of Saws


A long time ago, I was asked to do a review on Saw VI. Which I said “fine” to, in hopes that this guy would get back to work without making his co-workers sick from describing the intricate details from those movies.  At that time, I was bluffing.  But since the seventh one is coming out this year and is claimed to be the last one of the series, my little claim came back to haunt me.

So, Saw VI.

Saw VI.

What on earth do I begin with about Saw VI?

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Guns, Hollywood, and You; Preferably, Your Wallet

Usually, there exists a small little orb within the brain that grows to a gigantic, ballon-like quality whenever there is a potentially dangerous situation that is about to occur.  This can happen at your local airport, bank, Chinese restaurant, maybe even the swimming pool locker room.

For me, this happened when my friend got me into a conversation about guns.  We had watched The A-Team (and I would recommend watching it, as far as summer movies go), and he asked me why it was that people use guns even though they’re horrible shots with them and can’t even hit the broad side of a fishing shack, much less a human being. This got me thinking. Could it be that he might have thought of something rather intellectual? Is it that he had finally caught on the train to logical town, where people get jobs, get paid, get love, get cats of all shapes, sizes, colors, races, creeds, arrogance, and even cat cheese flavor? Had he… gotten a life?

Unfortunately, as soon as that last thought left my head, he asked the girl sitting next to us if she wanted to come watch Hostel II with him back at his place.

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Twilight Saga: New Moon

In the spirit of the season (which I guess is the 4th of July weekend), I feel it’s important for me to reach out to my fellow man and offer a helping hand during their monotonous days.

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Billy Gumball’s At It Again

So… heh, not really the best to come up with opening statements.

Well, first of all: the name’s Jackson.  I am a transfer student lost in transition.  First and foremost, I am a musician.  Have been since I was five.  However, that has not prevented me from exploring the other aspects of the arts.  Well, except for art itself.  The only decent thing I can draw is a stick figure enjoying a cup of Joe whilst looking out the window to see his neighbor stick figure drinking out of a cup of Jake.

And that should summarize my outlook on life.

I dabble into the other arts.  As you can probably tell, I experiment with writing.  Whether I’m good at it or not is up to the audience concerned.  But that’s not what this… “blog” is about.  My second fascination is with movies.  In no way am I a full-fledged authority figure in the world of Tinseltown.  I am, however, a critic.  And I figure that’s good enough for me.

So, this blog is basically a combination of my “experimental writing” along with my “second fascination with movies”.  For now, at least.  I’m sure I could find other things to rant or rave about (like the gaming culture I seem to have built a fierce addiction to), but primarily, this will only be for the movies I’ve seen and my thoughts on them.  For more information, check out the ‘About’ page

Hey, who knows?  I might write something that makes you smile.

Anyway, I’ve got work to do.