Billy Gumball’s At It Again

So… heh, not really the best to come up with opening statements.

Well, first of all: the name’s Jackson.  I am a transfer student lost in transition.  First and foremost, I am a musician.  Have been since I was five.  However, that has not prevented me from exploring the other aspects of the arts.  Well, except for art itself.  The only decent thing I can draw is a stick figure enjoying a cup of Joe whilst looking out the window to see his neighbor stick figure drinking out of a cup of Jake.

And that should summarize my outlook on life.

I dabble into the other arts.  As you can probably tell, I experiment with writing.  Whether I’m good at it or not is up to the audience concerned.  But that’s not what this… “blog” is about.  My second fascination is with movies.  In no way am I a full-fledged authority figure in the world of Tinseltown.  I am, however, a critic.  And I figure that’s good enough for me.

So, this blog is basically a combination of my “experimental writing” along with my “second fascination with movies”.  For now, at least.  I’m sure I could find other things to rant or rave about (like the gaming culture I seem to have built a fierce addiction to), but primarily, this will only be for the movies I’ve seen and my thoughts on them.  For more information, check out the ‘About’ page

Hey, who knows?  I might write something that makes you smile.

Anyway, I’ve got work to do.



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