The Karate Kid (In 60 Seconds Or Less)




– – –

Travel Agent: “Hello, how may I help you today?”

Will Smith: “Yeah, hi.  I’d like to go to China with my family.”

TA: “No problem, I hear it’s great this time of year!  Now, how will you be paying?”

WS: “Oh, nah, you see: I want you to pay me to go to China.”

TA: “… Excuse me?”

WS: “Also, I’d like to get an exclusive tour of The Forbidden City, the Great Wall, maybe a mountain or two.”

TA: “I’m sorry, but: did you say you want us to pay…”

WS: “Oh, and I want my son to win a martial arts tournament.  He hasn’t had any experience, but hey, always need to fill up the family trophy room, know what I mean?”

TA: “Sir, we don’t really offer that kind of service…”

WS: “Hey, do you know if we can get that Jackie Chan dude to come with?  Man, I hear he’s great with the kids and all that.”

TA: “Sir, if you’re not here to do business, then I must ask you to leave.

WS: “… so that’s how it is, huh?”

WS: “… not even if we got Justin Bieber to do a song…”

TA: “Get out now.”

WS: “Damn!  How am I gonna get all that, now?

The End –

– – –

And that’s The Karate Kid (2010).

  • Par For The Course: 39 seconds.

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