Harry Brown (In 60 Seconds Or Less)




– – –

Michael Caine: “Oh, that wound doesn’t look too good.  I’ve seen it before, when I was in the war.  Me and my boys were holed up by gunfire, and one of the men in that squadron had a wound just like yours.  We waited and traded fire while our boy was slowly dying.”

Wounded Man: “Please… help me…”

MC: “Course, now, that reminds me of another story about almost the exact same thing.  I was in Africa with my three friends, and we were on safari.  We had managed to drive up to a habitat for a rare species of lion, and…”

WM: “Please!  Help me!”

MC: “Actually, I don’t think it was Africa.  It must have been South America… yes!  It was.  I remember now, because Georgia Lyman’s brother Nestor was with me, and he had this embarassing crush on one of the waitresses there, almost caught syphillis, actually, and…”

WM: “… just kill me now…”

MC: “Wait, no… that wasn’t Nestor.  That was Jimmithy.  That’s a rather funny story on how he got that name.  Y’see, he…”


The End

– – –

And that was Harry Brown

  • Par For The Course: 44 seconds.

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