Across The Universe Soundtrack (Part 3)

Hmmm, where were we?

4 – 6, The Beatles

Ah, right.  Still pretty close.  But what will today bring?

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Across The Universe Soundtrack (Part 2)

Back for more, eh?

All righty.  The score is 2-3, Beatles.

Let’s get back in the ring!

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Source Code (In 60 Seconds Or Less)

All right, because I love you —————————————————————————————————————————– (<–this much), I have another 60 seconds, as inspired by this.

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The Karate Kid (In 60 Seconds Or Less)



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Across The Universe Soundtrack (Part 1)

I really like The Beatles.

Of course, given their popularity in culture, that’s like saying “I really like having ice cream for desert”.  It’s just one option out of a plethora of other choices.  The problem with that phrase, however, is that if you follow it to the letter, then you miss out on more tantalizing options, like pie and jellybeans and Reeses.  But not cake.  Because that is a lie.  The same holds true for The Beatles.  If you limit yourself to just their music, you risk discovering the groups that take their ideas and go far beyond them.

But I could go on all day about The Beatles’ influence on other bands (and probably all week).  So, I’ll instead talk about a filmaker who was influenced by The Fab Four.

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The Curse of the Underdog: An Open Letter to Tim Schafer

Dear Mr. Tim Schafer,

I’m not one to make letters like these.  One reason is that they never get to where they’re supposed to go, so I never really saw a point in making one of these.  But after recent events, I felt that I needed to speak my mind on an issue that has come to light.  While it would be cool that it reaches its destination, the purpose for these lines of text is really for my own benefit, being that I have a difficult time letting go of things/concepts once they have come to mind, and writing them out usually helps them go away.

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Saw 3D: The Final S(tr)aw




This movie SUCKED!

And not in an amusing “tee-hee, I’m naughty ;)” way, it sucked in the “well, FRAK YOU” way.

You want to know why?

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