This is mostly a place for me to review/write about stuff, such as movies, TV shows, games, music, and maybe some other random occurences that comes to mind.  Never worry about it being so bad it can’t be done.  Chances are, there’s something worse out there, waiting to be discovered under a rock.  Time is also not an issue.  After all: “Time is an illusion.  Lunchtime doubly so.”

One thing I should bring to the table now is that I deal in spoilers.  That’s how my reviews work.  So be warned when browsing, there are spoilers everywhere.

As you could probably tell from the name of this “blog”, I’m also partial to whatever suggestions you may have.  So if you have something you want me to review/write about, feel free to email me at: foolishsentiments (at) hotmail [dot] com.


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